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E- Design Series:Eclectic Global Inspired Home for a young family.

Well, it started when I had visited their home in Melbourne almost a year ago and had styled her bookcase while she was away at work. From time to time , I have been giving her design advice. But when they bought their first house about two months back, she officially hired me as her interior designer. I couldn't be happier.

This is an E-Design project meaning, the design was done virtually without being physically present at the site. So anyone staying outside of Bangalore and looking to get their home decorated can avail my E-Design Service. The mode of communication was mostly though E-mails and Whats app. I will be sharing all the details as the week progress. Please have patience as its going to take time and not a instant makeover.


So let me formally introduce them : Sonya (S) Anubhav (A) and their two kids Nayna(N) and 2 month old Kabir(K) Congratulations to the Happy couple!

I am so excited about this project. Designing for a young couple and specially their first house holds a very special place in my heart. I am on a mission to turn this into their dream home. A place that will tell their story of love and life.

Whenever I start any project , the first thing I do is to understand how they want their home to function and their needs. If they have any special plans for their home, inspiration pictures and to understand their styles. The mood that they want to clear for their home.

Here is what I will be helping them with. First is to help them identify their design style.Provide them with room wise Mood-boards , helping them with furniture layouts, color selections , shopping list and styling.

The overall style for their home is Eclectic with a global touch.

Below is the floor plan of their house.

Master Floor Plan

The first room that I will be designing is the study/Office. Followed by the bedroom for their three year old and then the Hallway

So stay tuned and follow along to see how I transform Sonya and Anubhav's house to their dream home.